Planning for your Evaluation

What to expect of a Neuropsychological Evaluation

Comprehensive neuropsychological assessment typically involves 1 hour of clinical interview and history and about 6-8 hours of testing, depending on the reason for referral. The evaluation is often scheduled and completed over two days, if possible. If there are physical or other limitations which would make two full days of testing too demanding, we may divide it over a greater number of sessions. You will certainly be given breaks as needed throughout the evaluation. It is often beneficial for family or close friends to be present for the clinical interview portion only, thus you may want to consider having someone accompany you when possible for the initial appointment.

When seen for evaluation, you will need to bring eyeglasses, hearing aids or other equipment that you need to do well on the tests. A list of your current medications is also helpful, as you will be asked about your medications.

You will spend several hours performing tests of various types; most of these will be done at a table and will be administered via pencil/paper or computer. There will be NO invasive tests such as needles, x-rays, or other medical tests. After you leave, Dr. Applebaum will prepare a report with the results of the assessment and recommendations and will later review these results with you. On occasion, it is recommended that patients return for a re-evaluation once they have had treatment or think things have changed. Please feel free to contact our office with any additional questions you may have.